Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday Featured: Wired Jewellery

This week's featured shop is Wired Jewellery. I first heard of the shop when I met the owner, Faye at an event in January. Her pieces are really unique and are very affordable considering they're handmade! You might have seen her unusual above knuckle rings popping up on a few blogs, or her chalkboard collection. I definitely recommend you check out her shop. I love her use of semi-precious stones and silver. I'm hoping to get my hands on an above knuckle ring once payday comes around. Faye is absolutely lovely and was kind enough to answer a few questions for this feature, which you can read below.

How long have you been designing/making jewellery?
I taught myself to make jewellery in June 2011 last year, so its been a pretty recent experience for me. Then I decided I wanted it to be more than a hobby so I started selling it through facebook in July, and Greenwich Market for a few months. Then my website launched in October 2011 and I've sold through there ever since.

What made you start?
I finished my second year at University in May and I moved to London in June and I decided that I needed a hobby. I'm quite a creative person, I always wanted to go into design and being in the workshop at school was my favourite place. However I went to study Law at University, which is possibly the most uncreative degree you can do! I bought lots of silver and played around and I can't say I've got bored of it yet!

Your pieces are all really unique. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Thank you, that has really made me happy because I always want to be different! I don't know really, sometimes I just see a shape that I like (I love triangles at the moment which is why they feature quite a bit) and I try and see how I can make it work in jewellery. Then other times its past experiences with jewellery, I went to Thailand and bought an above knuckle ring and it was my favourite thing ever! But I lost it when I was drunk (oops) so I took inspiration from that and I knew everyone would love them as much as me!

Where did the name 'Wired Jewellery' come from?
I know its a bit of an odd name but the reason it is Wired Jewellery is because when I first started I used to make words and names out of sterling silver wire and that was my plan to continue but I moved into other areas. The name works for me still, wire is the bare bones of the majority of jewellery design, plus I think its different from most I've heard. There seems to be a tendency lately for jewellery companies to call themselves something cute and girly but thats not me or my jewellery.

Which are your favourite pieces in your shop and why?
I have to say the chalkboard pieces are one of my favourite collections, I just was lying in bed one night thinking about etch a sketch and how that would be a cool necklace and then I was just like CHALKBOARD! Its been one of the best selling collections and to date I haven't seen anyone copy the idea yet. But I also love the sideways cross bracelets and the above knuckle rings.

Have you got any future plans for Wired Jewellery?
Hmm future plans! Well I'd like to move into other types of accessories, there are tote bags in the design process at the moment. Plus I'm launching a non sterling silver collection. In my 5 year plan I see me having a shop, but whether that is exclusively for Wired Jewellery or to sell other things too I don't know but that is my dream!


  1. Ohhhh, I love the Wishbone Above-knuckle Ring! It's so awesome. That amethyst necklace is equally as cool.

    x Michelle |

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