Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas Tat

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I love Christmas and I love what can only be described as 'tat'.. so what could be better than Christmas tat? Okay, I'll admit it is a little bit too early to be thinking about Christmas decorations but last night I got out my tiny black tree and decorated it with pink tinsel while listening to Disney versions of Christmas carols. Sad I know, but I'm not allowed to put up any decorations anywhere in the house until December 1st.

I love these glittery figurines from Paperchase and last year I managed to pick up a pink stag for only £1 and at the same time I got my teeny tree for £1 as well. I think they don't look especially Christmassy so I'd happily keep them up all year round. My pink stag is currently living on our bookcase in the hall but I think he needs a teal companion. Everyone knows I love owls and birds and to be honest, I just think camels are hilarious.. especially when they're gold!

The baubles from Cath Kidston are a little out of my price range but they're gorgeous! The mug is much more affordable though and I'll definitely be picking one of these up to have my coffee in while opening my presents on Christmas morning.

Now I've picked out all my decorations I just need to decide what presents I want as my mom has asked me a couple of times. I honestly don't want anything. All I wanted this year was a camera, which I had for my birthday and an iPhone 4s which I bought myself last week. All I want is a good day with my family and lots of great food.

When do you start putting up the decorations? What are you asking for from Father Christmas?


  1. Gotta love a bit of Christmas tat! :D I think I'd like Santa to bring me a pretty bicycle with a basket on the front. xoxox

  2. I own a few glittery deer from paperchase - I absolutely love them!

    We normally decorate in the first weekend of December, a bit early, but I love Christmas trees so much!


  3. I want a Paperchase Hedwig! Such lovely Christmas picks Hayley, I'm currently feeling so festive after seeing the Christmas lights in London! xx

  4. I always want a cath kidston christmas mug, every year! My Mum bought us some christmas decorations round today, some nice baubles & stuff. i am so excited for our first christmas living together :)

  5. I love Paperchase decorations too, spent ages perving on them in Selfridges, i made my own the other week! Check them out on my blog :) x x x

  6. i love paperchase as well, all their things are soo cute!!
    cant wait to get ready for xmas myself!

    XOXO Kasia

  7. i'm such a child when it comes to christmas and i love tat at the best of time - let alone when its glittery! i was admiring the paperchase stag the other day actually :D x

  8. Paperchase Christmas decorations are amazing! I always end up buying them in the sales after Christmas when they're super cheap (does mean I have to wait a whole year to actually use them though...)

    If there's a Wilkinson's near you, they have some excellent Christmas tat - I spotted some amazing bright pink and blue fluffy baubles that I NEED to have in my life! x


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