Monday, 11 April 2011

Harry Potter and some rings for sale

We dropped my boyfriend off at the train station this morning so he could go home which means I won't see him for 2 weeks now. So to cheer myself up, we popped to Tesco and I treated myself to the new Harry Potter dvd and 4 pairs of socks. I got two pairs of the cameo ones because they were buy one pair, get another half price so I got the 4 pairs for £3. I love the soldiers pair and of course I had to get the owl ones! I'm all snuggled up in bed now about to watch the dvd before I have a bath and get ready to go out for a curry with my friends from Sixth Form - we seem to do that everytime we're all back, it's kind of a tradition now!

On a completely different note, I bought some rings recently that are too big for my stupidly small hands so I thought I'd sell them on. If anyone wants one, let me know. I'll sell them for £3 each plus p&p which will be £1.50. They're adjustable so if you have hands bigger than a baby's you should be fine!
Here they are:




I've also listed a lot of dresses on eBay if you'd like to take a look!


  1. Love those socks, I'm a real sock person! Gotta put socks on when I get into with my pj's! Hope you sell the rings, I have small hands too

  2. How cute are those socks! Tesco being sly there, did not realise they did patterned socks.

  3. I never knew Tesco's did such amazing socks, lol! It's a shame my sock drawer is currently overflowing ;)

  4. Love those soldier ones! My hands are tiny too, so irritating!

  5. Eeep, the turtle ring is adorable! As are the socks ;) I have insanely small hands too, otherwise I'd totally buy your rings off you! xx

  6. LOVE those socks, i own so many socks it's crazy, love them haha! Such cute rings too! I also have teeeeney hands :( xx

  7. I love those silhouette socks! They're so sweet!

  8. OMG !!! How nice are those rings :) * heads over to ebay

  9. love the socksand the rings. so cute!

    just started following you, love your blog!


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