Saturday, 22 January 2011

I got my student loan on Monday so I used that as an excuse to spend some of my wages on a few treats for myself! Here's what I've bought in the past week:

I got this little zip up purse thing from Primark for £1.50 to put all of my medical things in so they're not floating around in my bag. I thought it was very Cath Kidston!

I popped into Boots and found that their Christmas stuff was all 75% off! I'd been eyeing up this FrontCover eyeshadow set for a while, so I jumped at the chance and bought it for £8.75 (orginally £35!) There's 20 different eyeshadows, a double ended eyeshadow brush and a 'Shadowliner' which is supposed to turn eyeshadow into eyeliner. The colours are pretty good and it comes with ideas and instructions!

I also got this little gold bag with make up brushes inside for £2 (instead of £8) and I went into Superdrug to get one of the Accessorize blushers that I've talked about before.

I've bought some new clothes as well, but I thought I'd save that for another post another day.

I'll leave you with my NOTD.. Barry M Berry Ice Cream with Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream and a little rhinestone on the ring finger. I'm not very creative when it comes to nails but I like this look and I've had a few compliments on it too!

That's my antique cameo ring that I had for my parents for my 21st. I wear it all the time!


  1. That boots set is amazing, I really must resist the urge to go shopping now! Great finds.

  2. I really like your nails like that! The rhinestone is very pretty.


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