Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Guest post:Tips for achieving a Minimalist Feminine Bedroom

If you love the idea of a really feminine bedroom but with the appeal of a more minimalist one, it can be actually easier than you think. You just may have to abandon a few of the extra decor items that most designers use to achieve a really feminine look.
Therefore we’ve put together some tips for doing just that; tips for creating a feminine bedroom without fuss, frills or clutter. 

Keep the colour scheme simple and fresh
You don’t need a busy colour scheme to make a room feel more feminine, and you certainly don’t need to use the colour pink if it’s not your thing. In fact, more neutral colours like white, creams and greys can work just as well. Keep the overall feel fresh and clean and then you can build on it simply with other decor items like soft furnishings and furniture. We love this example and the way the designer has used just a few gold pieces to add a touch of feminism and glamour to the room without crowding it in the slightest. 

Use natural elements for the decor rather than fussy items
Using elements of nature to add interest and decoration into the room is a good idea to avoid using regular feminine pieces, especially if you’re after something more minimalist and clean. Fresh flower arrangements will look great, as will twig/branches arrangements. IKEA have some great dried plants that look great in their vases/bowls, and they have lots of different colours too which is good if you do want to add colour pops into the room. 

Get the lighting just right
Aim to keep the lighting feeling bright and fresh but without feeling too clinical. Soft shades or spot lights help achieve this really well. Natural lighting is really important for a minimal feel as it keeps things feeling airy and fresh. Invest in some new curtains as they will act as one of the main decor items in a minimalist space. We love the Ashley Wilde curtains as there are some feminine prints as well as simpler, elegant ones. 

Invest in functional and attractive organisation solutions
Keeping the room clutter and mess free is essential for achieving the minimalistic appeal. Therefore ensuring you have good organisational options is important. Simple shelving, bookshelves and wardrobes are great, yet even clothes rails look good in this space, if you can keep it looking tidy, that is! You could drape dried flowers over it or fairy lights for a lovely simplistic feel. A good bedside table with extra storage is useful too, not only in terms of looking great but for also keeping the essential things you need by your bed organised. We love this one as it’s really modern and look’s great but is also really practical and functional too. 

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