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Guest Post: How to create your own all-natural candle dupes of Jo Malone and Neom

Within the beauty community, finding ‘dupes’ of high-end products is a goal for many bloggers. Spotting similar shades of expensive lipstick, eyeshadow or blusher in a high-street format means the same colour payoff for a lot less of a price tag! 

Another thing the beauty community has a penchant for is candles. Whether your particular vices are the super high-end Diptyque or Jo Malone offerings at up to £40 a pop, or the slightly more reasonable Yankee Candle at around £20 for their largest jar, it’s quite an expensive habit to keep up. If only someone could find candle dupes for our favourite sweet-smelling treats…

Well, we might have found the answer. And not only does it provide you with gorgeous scents to liven up your home, it only incorporates a fun DIY project (yet another thing the beauty and lifestyle blogging communities enjoy!) 

Making your own candles not only allows you to personalise their aromas and their presentation (you can choose the containers – anything class or ceramic is perfect. Why not try mason or kilner jars?), but you can also ensure they are free from toxic materials. Using all-natural soya wax as the base for your candle means you have a natural way of ensuring long-lasting fragrance as it absorbs the essential oils you use to scent it.

To start making your candles, collect the following ingredients together:

  • Essential oils of the fragrances you’d like to include
  • Soya wax flakes
  • Microwavable bowl
  • Glass or ceramic containers (get more rather than less so you can use up all of the wax!)
  • Wicks (available at craft shops)
  • Adhesive dots
  • Thermometer
How to make a soya wax candle:

Firstly use an adhesive dot to attach wicks to the bottom of each container you’d like to use. 

Melt your soy wax candle flakes in a double boiler. Fill a heavy saucepan half-full with boiling water on the stove, and balance another smaller pan on top of it, in which you will melt your wax. Use a low-medium heat to avoid the wax boiling and stir continuously to avoid creating any lumps. 

Just before the wax has fully melted, add your essential oils. Add 1-1.5oz of oil for every lb of wax used. Carry on stirring for another 2-3 minutes to allow the fragrance to be completely incorporated in the wax. Then remove from the heat.

Heat the outside of your containers briefly with a hairdryer. This prevents the glass shattering when it comes into contact with the molten wax.

When your wax has cooled to around 60 degrees, pour it into your containers. Pour smoothly and slowly to avoid bubbles forming. 

Allow your candles to set for 24 hours before you light them.

Wondering how to replicate the scents of some of your favourite candles? Here are two favourites from Jo Malone and Neom, to give you some inspiration for your own fragrance mixing.

Jo Malone
Use essential oils of rose, jasmine and mint to create the earthy, garden scent of one of Jo Malone’s most popular candles – White Jasmine and Mint.

For another Jo Malone favourite, Lime Basil and Mandarin, combine the fragrances of lime, basil and mandarin essential oils for a fresh, vibrant aroma.


To create the calming effect of Neom’s Harmonise candle, use eucalyptus, cedarwood and pine oils for a soothing fragrance.

For Neom’s Relax candle, try using lavender for instant unwinding, coupled with the scents of geranium and juniper to liven up the scent of this candle.

For a comprehensive range of essential oils, as well as all-natural wax, try a herbalist like Baldwins and start creating your own high-end candle dupes.


  1. I love jo malone fragrances. I'm not entirely sure I even want to try to recreate them

  2. This sounds like a good activity personalised candles you can make fragrances to please your taste.

  3. I like the idea of this DIY project. It would have been nice to see step by step pictures :)

    Uncover the Untold

  4. Ooh I'll have to pass this on to my friend, she adores Jo Malone candles and she's recently had some money probs so a DIY effort might cheer her up! Thanks for the post xx

    Kate's Product of the Week - Primark Owl Tweezers

  5. i love jo malone yet to try the scented candles though bet its gorgeousx


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