Monday, 18 November 2013

Hair Removal

I don't know about you, but hair removal is the bane of my life. I know I'm not the only one who must spend hours each year shaving and plucking and waxing, only for it all to grow back again. I hate having to get my eyebrows threaded every six weeks, it seems like they grow back overnight! I also hate having to shave my legs which usually leads to ingrown hairs (blergh!) or I end up taking half of my skin off with the hairs too. I've tried depilatory creams and although they work well, they don't half stink!

For a while now, I've been thinking of laser hair removal treatment as an alternative to shaving and waxing. It's a pricey option but it's definitely worth it. It hurts no more than epilating or waxing and the results are a lot more permanent.

"Laser is nothing but a form of light that is focused on the hair follicles. The heat produced by laser will burn follicles to destroy so that they will not re-grow for a long time. In other word, the laser treatments work by burning the roots of hair follicles with a targeted laser beam."

I think it's time I started saving up for this because lets face it, I spend a hell of a lot on razors and threading anyway and who doesn't want to take the easier option?

What do you think about laser hair removal? Have you tried it? Is it something that you've considered?

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  1. I'm thinking of trying this too. I have some friends who had this, almost all of them said that the hair weren't completely gone, some air stayed but they were thinner and finer. Almost invisible.


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