Friday, 22 November 2013

Event: Danger! Cosmetics To Go book launch at Lush Birmingham

On Tuesday, I was kindly invited to an event at the Lush store in Birmingham for the launch of a book written by Mira Manga. Danger! Cosmetics To Go tells the story of the company before Lush, Cosmetics To Go and is a great read for anyone who is a fan of Lush and their products. We were each given a copy of the book and got to have a chat with Mira  who told us all about it and how she spent twenty three months (not two years!) writing it. I must say, Mira is an absolute babe and she's hilarious, it was an absolute pleasure to meet her! I'll review the book properly once I've read it all, but I can tell you now that it's a great Christmas gift - it's so colourful and informative and I can't wait to get stuck into it properly!

While we were there, we also got a chance to try out some products and had some demonstrations. I really love the Christmas range and I'm going back after payday to pick up some of the bubble bars and soaps. It's a tradition for me to have a Lush bath either on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning - I usually opt for a butterball bath bomb and a festive soap! We were also given an amazing goody bag featuring an exclusive Cosmetics To Go product so there will be a few reviews coming soon, keep an eye out!


  1. Oh you lucky girl! I wish I could afford stuff from Lush on a more regular basis, but I can't because student life kinda sucks and I wish the book was available in my country, but we're basically retarded, so none of that. I would love you to do the book review on it, pretty please :) xxx

  2. definitely buying some lush goodies at the weekend, ive only tried a few things years ago!

    zofia xo


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