Friday, 11 October 2013

How You Should Be Wearing a Playsuit This Autumn

Most people see playsuits as a summer essential only, but you should definitely be wearing one this autumn. Playsuits used to be a New York sport-wear staple in the 1930s, before it was made into beachwear and seen around pools all over the globe. The playsuit became a glamorous fashion statement in the ‘50s, when it was a favourite for none other than Marilyn Monroe. If that isn’t a reason to step out in a playsuit in confidence, then what is? Seven years ago, the playsuit made a comeback, and it has been making a splash on catwalks ever since.

During the summer, playsuits are very popular. They are the image of a fun-loving, carefree existence, where you are free to do whatever you want. However, the playsuit doesn’t have to be put back in the wardrobe once September rolls around – believe it or not, you can wear playsuits all through autumn.

The simplest way to make a playsuit cold-weather-friendly is to put on a thick pair of tights or some warm winter socks. With a pair of grey woollen tights underneath a floral playsuit, a chunky pair of Chelsea boots or army boots, and a leather jacket or chunky cardigan, you instantly have a cool, edgy outfit that will keep you warm as the temperature drops outside. The casual playsuit is a great look for going shopping, heading to college, or popping out for lunch. Add a slouchy handbag to keep everything in, and you’re good to go
Thank fully, autumn doesn’t naturally equate only to grey and rainy days. Autumn can be a great season, full of change, warmth and colour. Dark reds and deep, luscious purples are very hot this season, and you can incorporate these colours into your playsuit outfits. Either pick a deep-coloured playsuit, accessories in black and some patent heels for a night on the town, or wear a light white playsuit, with deep red accessories, shoes, and lipstick for an elegant, show-stopping look. I was once a playsuit sceptic. Why would anyone in their right mind want to prance around in a mish-mash of shorts, vest top and dress? I was convinced that a playsuit would not flatter anyone except the skinniest of people, and even then only in good lighting.

However, with the advent of a festival looming, I decided to take a chance and give the playsuit a go. I was pleasantly surprised with how the playsuit fitted me nicely and accentuated my long legs. The festival outfit was a success and I have been wearing it ever since, in one guise or another.

So, wear your playsuit over leggings, tights, or with knee-high socks - throw on some ankle boots, patent pumps, or your wellies when it’s raining – and layer up with knitted cardigans, big comfy jumpers, or smart tailored blazers, for looks that will last you through autumn, into winter, and straight into next season. It’s a playsuit party this autumn, and you are most definitely invited!

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  1. I've just bought a jumpsuit, I feel like I'm in a baby grow though, not sure I like it!

  2. i love jumpsuits - I've never got round to buying one though!

    lovely post
    zofia xo


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