Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Guest Post: Autumn Lipsticks by Emma

I'm away in Paris at the moment, so this post has been written by the lovely Emma from Not Your Average. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to check out her blog too!

Autumn Lipsticks are just something that we all lust over. Wearing dark lipsticks in the summer just doesn't sit right with a lot of people so as soon as autumn/winter is mentioned, it's time to crack out those plums and purples and deep reds! 

I didn't really have a huge lipstick collection until this time last year and it's slowly built up and up. I now own over 30 lipsticks, 12 of those being MAC and here are my two newest additions. 

(left to right) Just a Bite // Viva Glam 1 

Just a Bit is a gorgeous, dark Red and although it looks quite a deep colour, once applied it isn't too bad. I actually bought this thinking it was going to be a really deep Plum colour but its definitely more Red! It's part of the Indulge Limited Edition collection so may be hard to get your hands on. The finish is a Satin but lasts ages! Being a Matte kinda girl, I don't normally go for Satin finishes but this works just as well! 

Viva Glam 1 has always been a colour i've loved when i've seen it on people. The Viva Glam collection is probably one of the most popular collections too so when Viva Glam 1 came back, I had to have it! Opposite to Just a Bite, in the bullet, this looks quite a dark Red but when on the lips, it's actually quite a bright colour! Perfect for brightening up a smokey eye look or adding a pop of colour to a bare face! With its Matte finish, it's slowly becoming one of my favourites! 

You can never have too many lipsticks so go grab yourself either of these to add to your autumn collection! You definitely won't regret it! 


  1. Emma, you are far too pretty for your own good.

  2. Gorgeous shades, they both remind me of Rimmel kate moss in 01 and 07 :)

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