Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Lady Boys of Bangkok Glamorous Amorous tour

Images courtesy of Terri

"You can expect the usual truly glamorous and funny cabaret antics, this time complete with even more flamboyant costumes, painstakingly immaculate make up and show stopping choreography. With an all new set list, the Lady Boys will be performing classic numbers from Saturday Night Fever to current hits from Cheryl Cole and even a bit of Gangnam Style,  Glamorous Amorous is set to be the experience of a lifetime."

Two weeks ago, I was invited to something which was a bit different to the usual events I get invited to. It was the Lady Boys of Bangkok Gala in Derby. I met Tereza at New St station where we boarded the train to Derby. On the way we were chatting about the show and both realised that we had no idea what to expect.

When we got to Derby and found the purpose built Sabai Pavilion, I was really impressed! The stage was surrounded by a number of tables so everyone had a fantastic view of the Lady Boys and there was even a bar! After we'd collected our free glass of wine from the bar, Tereza and I went and found our table (which happened to be next to the mayor's table, I didn't think this would be the sort of thing a mayor would enjoy) and settled down to wait for the show to begin.

The Lady Boys consists of fifteen Thai males who, to be honest, look a hell of a lot better in underwear than I do! They went through a selection of both classic and recent songs complete with dance routines, parodies and amazing costume changes. There was something for everyone, with Girls Aloud, Gangnam Style and a bit of Mariah Carey.

The Sabai Pavilion was filled with people of all ages from 18 to 88 - both males and females! The atmosphere was fantastic, everyone was dancing and singing and just generally having a great time. The Lady Boys even managed to get a few people from the audience up on stage for the finale!
It definitely made a change to my usual Tuesday night routine of watching Eastenders and doing my nails!

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