Monday, 31 January 2011

I went out for a curry last night with a few of my friends from Sixth Form. I had a great night, it's not often that I get to catch up with them.. a lot of them are back at uni already though. Is it only the University of Winchester who start so late? Semester 2 doesn't start until the 7th February. We've had 7 weeks off for Christmas, it's nearly Easter now! Anyway, on to the outfit..

The picture up there is to show how I wore my socks over my tights, it's still too cold for just tights and I've left my woolly ones in Winchester! I struggled to get good photos, I really do need to learn how to use self-timer on my camera!

Thought I'd include this one just for the lolz.. 

Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Shorts - New Look (kids section)
Tights & Socks - Primark
Bracelets - Miss Selfridge & Dorothy Perkins
Rings - Miss Selfridge


  1. thanks for your comment hun! i love your red mane, don't be jelous of mine, yours looks soo good! ;)

  2. I love that you got your shorts from kids section kute hahah the bracelets are lovely x

  3. Cool outfit! Love the bracelets and you have amazing hair :)

  4. I love your shorts here - there are so many good finds in kids sections and the clothes are so much cheaper! x

  5. I love your outfit! Nice shorts xx

  6. Awesome outfit m'dear, I really love your hair btw! Wish mine was that colour, it's gorgeous


  7. Great outfit.Love the rings too! :)

  8. Love the high waisted shorts and the accessories.
    Also love your hair color, you remind me a lot of Hayley from Paramore =)


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